Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Metaphor and Simile

What is figure of speech?
  • An expression that uses language in non-literal way. This are being express to suggest some effect, meaning, sound, image or any related resemblance. It can be metaphor, simile, personification or antithesis.

--------Metaphor and Simile-------

What is simile?

  • This is a form of figure of speech in which two unlike things are being compared to each other.
  • Things are being compared using as and like.

e.g. Emie is like a flower in my garden.

emie is compared to a flower, they are absolutely different from each other.

e.g. Your gold earings are as shine in the morning.

Gold earings are being compared as shine in the morning.

What is Metaphor?

  • A form of figure of speech in which words are being compared without the use of like and as.
  • Phrase are being applied to something though literally its not applicable.
  • To designate the words to emply a resemblance.
  • representing some symbols.

e.g. Jhons love is everlasting on janes eyes

Life is a blessing, death is a curse

Time is gold , pain is thorns

obstacles are stones

--------Personification and Antithesis------

What is Personification?

  • its a figure of speech on which an imaginary thing or creature is being conceived or figured to represent something.
  • its an abstraction
  • another piece of dramatic literary work

e.g. "River shout while flowing" it is a personification because river can not shout.

"Diamond is love" it is a personification because diamond is not a living things nor feel love.

What is antithesis?

  • Its a figure of speech in which it deliberates contrasting ideas but in a balance phrase.
  • Direct opposition and contrast

e.g. Peace is the antithesis of war.

Quite is the antithesis of noise.

Give me freedom or give me death.

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