Saturday, February 27, 2010

Glossary and Usage

Analogy is an extension of similarities or comparison to two things. It can also based on the resemblance of any situations, events, shape, and meanings.
The examples are:

  • Shampoo is to hair as detergents are to clothes
  • Teachers are to students as Doctors are to patients
  • Fingers are to Hands, toes are to feet
  • Dolls are to girls as toys are to boys

Antonyms are words that has opposite meaning to another.

  • e.g. Ugly is an antonym of beautiful
  • fast-slow
  • rich-poor
  • sad-happy

e.g. in sentence: Good friend is happy to see you win and feel sad when see you lose.

Synonyms are the words that has similar or near meaning.

  • e.g. happy-glad
  • mad-upset
  • pretty-beautiful
  • clear-pellucid

e.g. in sentence: I am happy to see you. Or I am glad to see you

Colloquialisms are expressions that is not formal, often used in an casual conversation

  • car-ride
  • house-pad
  • job-slave
  • wife-old lady
  • ball-chain
  • tough titty-bad luck

e.g. in a sentence: I really need to get my own ride soon, its hard to get a job without it. Or I really need to get my own car soon, its hard to get a job without it.


  1. oh!!! just know the meaning Colloquialisms..Good thing i got to know something today...:-) but like as i've said..fingers....... for...... toooo...ok!!! :-) nice entry my dear...:-)

  2. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahaha that is sensored maring ayaw padayuna intawon hahaha thanks for the genuine comments lol