Friday, February 26, 2010

Kinds of Writing

Writing can be expressed in a different forms. It is an act of expression that involves symbols, signs or set of letters that illustrate meanings. In other words writing is a representation of different language in a textual medium of expression. Writing can be done by a person who desire to write called the "writer". Writing can be develop into a higher stage level. A writer can be recognized as an author of a certain famous book.
Kinds of Writing in Academic form are in the following:
  • Academic Writing- this can be normally done in a school assignments or test. It can be any of the research paper that the teacher instructed to the students.

e.g. Writing about an analysis of a certain artifacts. "Speech of Barack Obama during the health summit" or A report paper about a certain issues about drugs.

  • Journal Writing- Students are more reflective, writing about everyday activities. On this way of writing exercise, students will learn and develop their writing skills.

e.g. When I was in high school our English teacher instructed us to write a formal them book.

Creative Writing- From the word "creative" students will create an imaginary article or essay. They are very imaginative and enchanting. Readers are excited to read since the writer/students are very creative.

e.g. short stories, fictions,

  • Professional Writing- the concept of this writing is rhetoric, the writer is very skilled to invite the reader to read.

e.g. a professional writer that is earning from the article she/he writes.

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