Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kinds Of Speech

What is a speech? Speech is an oral expression that conveys communication. Speech are commonly hear ed through a certain special program or event. Speech its an act of speaking on which it involves two sets of character, the speaker and the audience/listener.
There are three main types of speech and the following are:
  • The Informative- To inform new substantial topic and new ideas.

e.g. A Drug advocate is giving his speech on how to prevent addiction and what are the essential options to prevent this manipulative disease.

  • The Persuasive - Kind of speech that pursue and encourage people to acquire such information. Its all about convincing the audience to believe such information.

e.g. A Mayor is giving his speech with his objectives and platforms in the certain champagne. He also lays the disadvantage and advantage of voting him. This speech must sound convincing!

  • Special Occasion Speech- Kind of speech that delivers established certain objectives.

e.g. Giving some speech in a High School Graduation ceremony. It gives acknowledgements, accomplishment and praises.

To any kind of speech we the speaker must be well-prepared of the topic that we are going to deliver. Thoughts, ideas and opinions must be delivered constructively.

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