Saturday, February 27, 2010


Homophones or homonyms are the words that are in the same sounds but differ in meaning. They are pronounced the same but exact opposite in meaning. The group of words sometimes confuse us, specially when you're just hearing it. But understanding the sentence is a big help to determine the right meaning.
Examples are:
  • bawl-ball
  • nun-none
  • mettle-metal
  • heir-air
  • dear-deer
  • bear-beer
  • night-knight
  • eye-aye-I

Example of the homonyms using in the sentence:

  • The night was cold when my knight shining armor rescued me from the thieves.
  • None of us expected that my cousin will become a respected nun, it was such a miracle.
  • My mother had a problem of her left eye, But I told her to see the doctor to be checked. Now her left eye is doing great.

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