Sunday, February 28, 2010


What is literature? Literature is commonly described as anything from creative writing and imagination that includes works of poetry, fiction, drama and nonfiction. It seemingly represent language, cultures and tradition. Accordingly literature is more significant than any cultural or historical artifact. I love literature it widened my knowledge about related experience.Literature has literary devices, this devices will determine, interpret, analyze,identify, and recognize the work of the author. Both literary elements and methods can be fall to literary device.
  • Literary elements-its all about identifying the whole characteristics of the text. It represents the elements of story telling. Every story has its theme, settings, conflict and more.
  • Literary Techniques-they represent and deliberate phrases and convey some meanings in some singles text not the whole text of the story.
  • Literary Terms-refers to the words themselves it identify and designate literary elements and literary techniques.

Poetry-consist of rhythmical composition, its an art of literary work that expresses great imagination. Its written with the accordance of verse and meters...Its a piece a poem in other words.

Fiction refers to a written imagination and narration. The story is being invented or a made-up story only. There's no actuality of this kind....

e.g. novels, short stories.

Drama-its a dramatic art and representation that involves dialogue with some characters. The story is being acted with some characters.

e.g. stage play

Non-fiction-refers to facts and reality, its not imaginative but deals with real happenings.

e.g. Biography, history

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