Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Preparing Our Speech

I have no idea what to write today. I have some troubles that only me can ease it. Speech and writing is one of my favorite subject matter. I want to develop it that's why I choose it as my preferences. Speech and writing are very essential in ones learning. Accordingly giving our speech do not require long topic to discuss. Here are some tips to consider in preparing your speech.
  • You need to decide and pick the main ideas, pick two to three ideas that people will remember. Listener do not like long speech, but they want a brief and concise topic. Use some simple sentences that everyone will grasp it easily.
  • Write what you like to talk, to have a short glance to it once in a while.
  • Consider the fact that your listener is listening not reading your speech, so be direct and clear.
  • Have your voice not too loud and not too should be in a moderate tone that every one could hear it.
  • Additional gestures such as your hands and your eyes must also considered.
  • Pronunciation must be clearly uttered
  • Vowel and consonant must be emphasised...
  • Before delivering it, have more good practise...
  • Be ready to support your speech with supporting ideas and facts. People are listening and comprehending so never leave them confuse.
  • Use some concrete words and examples because concrete details makes people more interested to listen.
  • Lay-out your classic structure or problem solution. Before you make your conclusion.
  • Have a final virtual thoughts that will support to any of the facts that you mention.

Hope this will serve as a guide in a way!

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